Thursday, 17 September 2009

Using Vellum on Wedding Invitations

Ways To Use Vellum For Wedding Stationery:

This versatile paper comes in a variety of weights. The most commonly used is 130gsm. This is because it is easier to use for parchment embossing work. Clear, transcluscent vellum for embossing is better to be fairly thicker, as it will sustain heavy embossing tools.
There is so much you can do with vellum. You can now create stunning effects and designs. Using vellum for wedding stationery is a fabulous way to embellish and add unique definition to your invitation making projects.

Vellum is available in a variety of designs & prints including flowers, swirls and even pictures. You can use vellum to mat and layer, use as a wrap around an invitation. There are the most beautiful designs, that will suit wedding stationery.

How to adhere Vellum:
Because it is slightly see though you will need to be very careful when attaching it to your wedding stationery projects, as many adhesives will show through. There are varied vellum adhesives available but we have found the Tape runner pen works perfect for sticking vellum to your project without showing the adhesive. Just run the tape adhesive near the spine of the card when using as an insert. You may fancy to cover the whole front of a card then by adding some ribbon, turns a simple invitation into a fine beautiful piece of art and will look so professional. When making DIY Wedding Stationery this can be such a creative may of completing an amazing look, it is also ideal for using around scroll wedding invitations. You could even try your hand at making wedding Inviation Wraps. There are many ways to do this. Either completely wrap the Invitation with vellum paper, or cut the vellum into strips and use as a belly wrap around the centre of the invite. Again, using the Tape runner pen this will be perfect.

No need to use adhesive?
You can also attach vellum to your projects by means other than adhesives, we would also recommend using brads or eyelets where possible so that the vellum is secured and no glue is needed.

Printing on Vellum:
Printing on vellum is a really effective way of having a message on your hand made wedding invitation. You can really personalise your wedding invites so easily. View our tips and techniques for printing on vellum.

Heat embossing on Vellum:
You may also want to try your hand at heat embossing on vellum. We actually printed some wording from our printer then quickly sprinkled with embossing powder then used the heat gun. This looks fantastic! Get that real proffessional look with a nice gold or silver heat embossing powder. Remember when using a heat gun, use the lowest setting and be very careful as this can burn the vellum.

Other ways to use vellum:
If using vellum quotes you can simply cut the wording out, but I really like the torn finished look by tearing around the vellum words.

Punching out Vellum Shapes:
Vellum can also be used to punch out shapes, I find punching out flower & butterfly shapes and building them up on the front of a card gives it a truly stunning look, something very unique and different for wedding stationery!
Whether you are using quotes, printed patterned or plain vellum you will find that there is so much you can do with this very versatile crafting paper.

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