Thursday, 22 September 2011

Using Rhinestone Gems On Wedding Stationery

Want to add a bit of sparkle to your Wedding Invitations?

Gems are now becoming one of the popular products on the crafting market, especially for those making Wedding Stationery, for those wanting to add a lovely sparkly touch!.. You can use gems in various ways, to give that bit of a wow factor and impress your guest with your beautiful creations.

We have a wide range of gems now available in many colours, to suit all tastes. Whether it is high end Swarovski crystals you like, or acrylic gems, which are much cheaper and will save money! Most brides are opting to purchase self adhesive gems, not only does this save time, in the long run, it is much better to use Self Adhesive gems, if you do not have crafting experience. Making Wedding Invitation is very time consuming, and applying gems can be very fiddly. So you might prefer to avoid using loose gems, and adding glue. Although, if you are very creative, and have the experience, then using loose acrylic gems is definitely the cheapest way to add gems to your wedding stationery, especially if you have a lot of gems to apply

All our self adhesive rhinestones, gems and embellishments are perfect for adding those special touches to your hand-made wedding stationery & card-making projects.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Metal Heart Gems

We have introduced a new range of self adhesive metal hearts embellishments to our existing range, these are a brand new design, made and imported for us, these are sure to be a big hit with those wishing to have a unique new look when Making Wedding Invitations. Be ahead of the rest, and be the first to get your hands on these stunning self adhesive stick on metal hearts!

These Beautiful Self Adhesive Metal Hearts are perfect for that beautiful sparkle!

Ideal for a range of crafts. Great for embellishing handmade cards or wedding stationery.

Approx 6mm diameter.

100 hearts per pack.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

New Heart Gems - Great Embellishments

All our self adhesive heart rhinestones, gems and embellishments are perfect for addiing those special touches to your hand-made wedding stationery & card-making projects.
We now have a new range, pearl hearts & rhinestone hearts.

These will add the perfect finish, when you apply to handmade wedding invitations, place cards, or favour boxes, they will look perfect.
We have a wide range of colours available, so will appeal to many brides when coordinating with your wedding colour scheme.

Using The Correct Glue When Making Wedding Invitations

Using The Correct Glue

When making your own cards or wedding stationery, using the right adhesives will ensure your results look professional and save you time. The last thing you want is the real “homemade” look, with bits falling off!!

There are a wide of range of products available to ensure everything sticks firmly.

PVA craft glue

Use pva only in small doses, this is a waterbased adhesive and so can warp paper easily. Ideal for sticking gems, flowers and bows etc. Most small embellishments will suit PVA adhesive, there are a few which can be fiddley. You will find wire embellishments can be a bit tricky, but these can adhere to invites easily, the knack is not to rush, take your time, and be patient. Use a cocktail stick, to spread the glue gently onto the back of wire, lay embellishment flat, and leave to dry. The PVA will dry clear, so dont worry to much if you can see a little whilst it is wet. PVA is also good for using on mesh and angel hair or spiders web, using either a small paint brush, or a cocktail stick, spread the PVA across the mesh, or gently across the back of angel hair, then press firmly into place and let it dry.

Double Sided Tape and Adhesive Tape pens

This is a dry glue, and therefore works well with all paper & card surfaces. Adhesive tape runners are perfect for using on flat surfaces, matting paper, and to use for the inserts. 3mm & 6mm double sided tape is fantastic for sticking satin ribbon flat to the card!! But it wont stick organza or voile ribbons. Such a professional look. Just remember to firstly stick the tape to the card, remove the fingerlift protective tape, then lay the ribbon over the top.

Sticky Foam Pads

Use to create a 3D effects. Ideal to raise small pieces of cards, to layer hearts and embellishments.

Glue Dots

Great little dots of adhesive, good for saving time and avoiding mess. Available in permanent or removable, we suggest permanent. These are ideal for a variety of embellishments: Gems, Flowers & Bows etc.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

RSVP/Reply/Response Card Wording Examples

Here are some examples of RSVP Wording:


Guest Name
Would be delighted to accept
Unfortunately cannot accept

Guest Name

Abble to attend Unable to attend
Please list any dietary requirements;

Guest Name

Would be delighted to accept ......
Unfortunately cannot accept ......

Please advise number of vegetarian meals required ......

Making RSVP/Reply/Response Cards

The Reply/Response Card
When choosing to make reply cards, the first thing you need to decide is, what size they will be. As you will probably want to include them with your wedding invitations, it is important to get the right size, so they fit neatly in the envelope along with the invitation. Many brides choose to use pocketfold invitations, as these type of invites, have pockets to hold all the information in neatly.
You may decide you do not want to include reply cards. As a reply card is optional, you do not need to actually include one, the choice is yours. Although you do not need to send out a reply card with your wedding invitations, it may well be worth considering if you have a sit down wedding reception. A reply card, prompts our guest to let you know if they can attend.
Years ago, it was normal for your guests to formally send a handwritten guest's reply letter. But now, for convenience, many brides now choose to include a reply/response cards with wedding invitations. Some guests may forget to write their names on the response card, so it is a good idea, to have a space for them to write this in, or have thier names already printed on the card.
In order to keep track of who responds and who does not, it is a good idea to make a list of your guests who reply, along with a number assigned to each name, ready for table allocation. If you choose not to include a reply card when you send out your invitations, which is also known as a RSVP card, you could choose to add the RSVP date at the bottom of your invitation, eg: “The favour of a reply is requested by June 19, 2010”.
We also recommend you place a stamp on the response card envelope before assembling the invitations and placing them into the envelopes. This is good manners.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Wow..I have a blog award...

Wow....thankyou so very much...I have never even heard of this..

I very much appreciate this award, and am more than happy to continue to pass it around.

A few simple rules apply to the recipients of this award.

1.Thank the person who gave you the award.

2.Copy the Award.

3.Post it in your blog.

4. Tell Us 7 things that your readers don't know.

5. Link 7 new bloggers as recipients.

6. Notify winners of award with comment on their blog.

7. Keep being Awesome.**************************************************

Here my 7 Most Deserving New Recipients:

a) love this blog, it is so inspiring, made for those who love deisgn!

b), another great blog, especially good for those wishing to learn some new website traffic tips!

c) great blog for anyone who loves making cakes!

d) plan your parties with style, another great blog for those who love to be creative!

e) MM...I just love this blog.. fantastic cookie collections!

f) great crafting tips, fab photos, and great inspiration!

g) a nice blog, some very interesting thoughts!

Seven things you dont know about me:

1) I have the most awesome vw camper van..and love to spend time in it with my daughter, most weekends.

2) I have a fear of spiders...arghh... I am really freaked out about them.

3) I love a good glass of wine!...sshh...

4) I am addicted to reading. I love to read autobiography and fictional books. Am a real book worm!

5) Went to my first ever live Blues Band night out last week...and I absolutely loved it, and think I will be an avid follower of blues bands from now on.

6) Took my daughter to disney world florida, this summer, and am hoping to plan another secret trip there next year, wonder if I can do it, without letting on!

7) I love my work, am definately a workaholic!

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