Friday, 25 September 2009

Making & Tying Embellishment Bows

Bows are beautiful embellishments and with a little practice you can create gorgeous little or big bows in a range of stylish decorative styles, these will give your DIY Wedding Invitation a beautiful look. Here are some instructions on making that perfect bow.

Simple Single Bow:
To tie a small single bow. Leaving a length of about 4-6cm loose to your left side make a loop in your left hand
I find it easier to leave the ribbon length on the roll, then cut afterwards. This gives you a lot more control on feeding the loops into a knot.
Now make a loop of approx the same size next to it with your right hand.
You should now have a loop in each hand.
Tie these two loops together in a knot.
Pull the loops to create the size of bow you want.
Then gently pull the ends of the ribbon, to adjust the size where necessary.
Tighten the knot to secure the bow.
Trim the ends on diagonally at your preferred length to stop the ends fraying.

Buckle Bow:
The buckle bow is elegant and looks beautiful when applied to stationery. It looks difficult but is surprisingly very easy to make! It is made from 3 separate lengths of ribbon. To make a medium bow with 10mm ribbon:
Take aprox 10cm length of ribbon (satin ribbon is best for buckle bows)
Place a mini glue dot halfway along it.
Fold in the ends in to stick to the glue dot.
Take a 3cm length of ribbon and wrap this around the middle of your first part to create the bow, again fixing with a mini glue dot.
Place a long strip of ribbon where required on your card and attach the flat ribbon with double sided tape, this works perfect with satin ribbon.
Now attatch buckle bow in the centre. Easy!!!

The Knot Bow:
The knot bow is not actually a bow, it is just a double knot, that looks so impressive it gives wedding stationery the look of a bow.
Wrap a length of ribbon around your chosen card.
Tie a single knot by taking the ribbon left over right and under.
Now tie a second knot on top again taking the ribbon left over right and under.
Cut a V into the ends of the ribbon or trim on the diagonal to stop fraying.

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